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Why envisionQ?

Accomplished with Performance History

We create and innovate a seamless candidate experience.  At envisionq we serve all industries with their hiring needs, from automotive, facilities maintenance, the trucking industry, tech providers, and much more.

We serve with light speed and accuracy!

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The future of
candidate connection

Technology Integrations

Hiring and Recruiting Consulting
and Advisory Services

Innovate, Transform and Develope your Hiring and Recruiting Strategy



the future of your candidate connection starts today - allow us to create your design, captivate your audience, and manage the entire team building process for you!


Initial intake with hiring team
* Identify hiring needs
* Develop recruiting strategy


Create job descriptions using the industries latest technology that instantly attracts job seekers by selling your company's vision and culture.


Hire faster by initiating engagement as soon as job seekers apply *resume screening, phone screening, and assessment engagement using the latest technology

Tech Integrations

If you want to build a winning team with speed and accuracy, then you hire someone with a proven high level performance history of doing just that. Ronnie is one of the leading recruiting professionals in the industry, senior consultant, international coach, and business entrepreneur.

• 30 years automotive success
• Industries leading expert on hiring and recruiting
• Former NCM Associates Consultant
• Certified International Life Coach
• Unparalleled Client Results

We Offer:

Full Cycle Recruiting | Consulting In-House | Monthly and weekly Zoom calls

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Offers advanced solutions to future proof and transform your hiring and recruiting solutions.

Whether or not it’s our team, or training your team we have just the right solution.

eQ Bundle options.

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